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Security guard service is a value of safety, integrity, and personal gratitude. Elyzium has deep roots in the NCR region and makes sure its security guard officers provide NCR with these core values. Our level of service has shown its exception as we have provided security guard services to wide-range of clients from patrol services for Residential Communities to security guard services for the commercial establishments.

  • (i) Elyzium Securitech is a professionally managed security company based in Faridabad (Haryana). The Company is committed to provide State-of- the art security services in the Delhi-NCR area.
  • (ii) The company complies with the recruitment, training and operational standards established by the Govt. for the private security Agencies as per the norms of Private security Agency (Regulation) Act 2005.
  • (iii) Our goal is to fulfill the security needs of prestigious industrial, commercial and residential establishments by employing the smart & highly trained personnel as per PSARA Standards

The Company Primarily aims at providing the following services:

  • (i) Security Consultancy and surveys of new projects.
  • (ii) Security Audits of Industrial complexes and other prestigious establishments
  • (iii) Providing trained guards and supervisors for Industrial Security, Corporate offices, Hotels, Clubs, Hospitals, Banks, Multi-storied and Residential Complexes.
  • (iv) Special Guards for Executive Protection (PSOs)
  • (v) Bouncers.
  • (vi) Fire Safety, detection & Preservation.
  • (vii) Pre-employment, matrimonial and commercial enquiries and investigations.
  • (viii) Security of Cash Vans.
  • (ix) Installation & Maintenance of security Gadgets.

As a private security guard provider, Elyzium Security Service is committed to protecting the interests of our clients. All security services will be performed without prejudice and within the limits of applicable local, state, and federal law.

The primary responsibilities of our officers include the observation and reporting of criminal activity or potential criminal activity, the deterrence of criminal activity through physical presence of our security guards and the use of various patrol and proactive security measures, and in rare cases, the detainment of criminal suspects within the limits of applicable laws. Therefore, the security service company embraces any such measures that seek to decrease the potential for adverse or hostile confrontation among or between employees, clients, visitors, or any other persons, significantly reducing any potential liability to the company or our clients.

The primary tool for accomplishing this security objective is a thorough training program that focuses on coping with stressful situations, interacting with diverse groups of people, and defusing potential hostile situations. At Elyzium, we emphasize the importance of security training as it is the most important step in providing successful security officers in NCR.

Our dedication to details has helped our NCR security guard staff be ranked as one of the best performers of its industry, and today Elyzium could be serving you. Elyzium Security Service wants to make sure you have a peace of mind with your security staff, you can call us today for a free quote with no contract fees.